How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type

In the case of female bodies, there is numerous shapes and sizes that make each woman individual. In the course of time the different proportions of women's bodies are now grouped into five major categories. They include the apple The rectangle, triangle inverted triangle and the hourglass. If you've never heard of this odd collection of words previously for women's body shapes, do not be concerned. They are simply referring to the relative proportions of women's waist, shoulders, as well as hips regardless of weight. Being aware of the classification you fall into can be a useful tool for choosing lingerie, and there's a huge selection of choices. So, in order to make sure you feel and look the most confident in your lingerie in your bedroom We'll be discussing the most appropriate lingerie for different kinds of bodies.

Lingerie Types

Lingerie is made to enhance the feminine figure. A stunning piece or set highlights the woman's feminine style as well as makes them feel at ease and attractive. If it's worn for an individual or for a special occasion the ideal piece of lingerie is able to instantly boost a woman's confidence. From babydolls and brassieres, to camisoles and corsets, this lingerie world offers an endless supply of clothing for women of all sizes and shapes. This guide will introduce you to your most well-known undergarments as well as others you may not be aware of, providing an entire guide to lingerie that is suitable for all body types.


Matching Sets

Like the name suggests the matching set includes the matching of your bra and panties. This feminine and flirty style of lingerie fits any body type as it concentrates attention on the body and the ensemble in general instead of just focusing on one aspect.


Garter Belt

Make your man laugh and crank up the flames in the bedroom with a the enticing garter belt. Also called an suspender belt, this item can be worn on the waist and is typically composed of lace or other delicate fabric. If you're looking for a bolder style, garter belts can be available in leather. These gorgeous garments have hanging clips that attach to knee-high socks. This lingerie is ideal for women who are looking to enhance their waistline. In addition, it's an excellent choice for women who want to emphasize their legs.



Through time, the function and significance of the corset has changed many times. The corset was once seen as a patriarchal item of power as well as a restrictive clothing, but in the recent past the balance of power is now shifting back to women. Seductive and commanding Corsets are placed beneath the chest of a woman and extends to the hips. Traditional corsets, designed to define the figure and give an hourglass shape include boning at the seams as well as lacing up the back. These laces can also be visible either on the front or the sides for a clean contemporary look.



As with corsets, the bustier enhances the curvaceous silhouette of female shape. This form-fitting garment works to push up the bust and shape the waist, creating an enticing shape. Its ability to taper the waist and make curves, and give the appearance of a bigger bust this piece is ideal for women who have smaller chests and the hourglass or rectangle body shape.



The idea of bringing your teddy bear into the bedroom is not sexy. A teddy contrary to what you might think surely is. It is the lingerie equivalent to the one-piece bathing suit the teddy is an engaging piece that can be worn by every body type. It is available in leather, lace and mesh as well as a variety of different cuts, fabrics and designs, this lingerie is a perfect fit for every figure. Particularly, it is amazing on inverted triangle-shaped women since it balances out broad shoulders and lengthens the body.



The negligee was first introduced into France during the late 18 century century The negligee was first introduced in France and is connected to romanticism and feminine. The sheer dress is more feminine and flirty as an alternative to your warm fuzzy dress gown. It can be worn over your favorite clothing around the house or by itself.



Babydoll dresses that float are ideal for women who have the inverted triangle shape which includes women with large shoulders and slim waists. The straps that are soft on this dress will make your shoulders appear more attractive and the flowing skirt will help balance your lower part. This elegant dress is stunning on curvier women.



Let your legs shine by wearing a beautiful silk camisole that is attractive and an absolute ideal bedtime attire. It comes with an elegant silk top and shorts that match, the camisole is perfect for warm evenings and sleepovers.



A feminine, delicate option for sleepwear and lingerie Chemises are an easy, short gown that is hung straight over the shoulders. Popular in the 1920s the undergarment is crafted with soft, sparkling silk delicate cotton and silky satin. Simple design makes this style is suitable for every body type, and especially those with long legs.


Body Stocking

This single-piece, super-tight garment extends from the tip of toes up the legs, down the body up to the neck, and through the arms. A striking piece typically, the bodystocking is comprised of thin fabric as well as delicate lace or striking fishnet. While it covers the whole body, it's an revealing piece that is typically worn with otherclothing that is similarly bold.


Body Suit

Like rompers and teddies Bodysuits are an garment of lingerie which functions as a single piece. That means you have the bralette design top as well as the bottom of the outfit are linked. If the garment is small and lacey, it could be described as"a teddy. If it's more of something you would wear to the bedroom, it's an Romper. In line with the other rompers, this one can be found in a variety of cuts that flatter all shapes and sizes. Particularly, it's ideal for women sporting an inverted triangle or rectangle figures.



The traditional brassiere, or bra as it is commonly referred to is a standard female lingerie item since its first mention in 1907. Although it existed for a long time prior to this however, it was at this period that it came to be part of the modern fashion and lifestyle of women. With a variety of cuts, styles, colors and shapes in the bra, it's an item that is used by women of all ages. Bralettes are strapless and balconette, push-up bandeau, sports , and many more. For smaller chested women bralettes can be a gorgeous delicate option, and pushing up can create the illusion of a larger bust. Contrarily for women with bigger busts, a supportive and padded bra can provide the comfort of wearing while looking stunning.



In recent times the chic slip has been able to make its way from the bedroom and into the streets, since it has turned into an essential piece of clothing for everyday wear. The norm was that this flirty slip-on dress was designed to be worn only behind closed doors. Most often made of silk or satin and silk, this lingerie piece is particularly attractive for women who have wider shoulders and narrower waists, as it balances out the silhouette. It also looks great on women with hourglass and rectangle figure.



A lingerie version of playingsuits, the romper can be described as an exciting and fun garment. The generally high cut draws attention to your legs, and the single-piece design will highlight gorgeous curves. If you're slim, slim rectangle, this design can be suitable for you. Find rompers that have particulars in the areas you'd like to emphasize for example, delicate lace on the waist or frills on the chest.



Traditional Japanese piece of clothing Kimonos are an exquisite piece to add to your favorite sets of lingerie and an elegant change from your previous soft dress. With long sleeves and the hemline which sashays across the flooring, the kimono is an elegant, light and gorgeous piece.


Thong / G-String

A cheeky variation to classic Thongs, which are a fun alternative to traditional underwear can be an excellent option to feel and look amazing. Also called the G-string, this style instantly removes the ugly lines caused by clothes that are tight. In addition, it can showcase you ass(ets). If you've been a slacker in the gym working out with your squats and squats then show appreciation to your hard work by wearing a an exciting new thong.


Seamless Panties

Anyone who has had a wrap bandeau dress, leggings, or any other tight fitting clothing can appreciate the pain of seeing underwear lines visible from underneath your clothes. Seamless pants made from only one piece of fabric in order to reduce the appearance of pantylines and create an elegant, sexy look they are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.


V-Cut Panties

The bare-faced V-cut pants are a sexy design that flatters any body. Particularly, the curly sides complement hips with a wider width and curvaceous curves. This is why they're a fantastic choice for triangle, hourglass and apple women.


Seamless Bra

Like the seamless panties seamless bras, seamless bras will keep your figure elegant and silky smooth in that fresh black dress you've got. A seamless bra is distinct from other bras because it doesn't have wires or seams. In order to create these bras machines knit the piece as a single piece and then the cups are press-formed to form. Therefore, these bras are comfortable and come in range in sizes, forms, and colors.


Push-Up Bra

Increase the heat by adding an extra boost of volume by wearing a push-up bra when you're in your bedroom. The extra padding inside the cups raises the breasts to create the illusion of more volume and allows smaller-browed women to increase a couple of cups in a matter of seconds. Make sure you pick an outfit that's appropriate in size and shape to ensure that it will fit comfortably and looks stunning.


Boy Shorts

Don't be fooled by the name it's an extremely flirty choice for every woman. When paired with a stylish sporting bra, these provide an enjoyable, comfortable outfit for ladies with rectangular shapes.



Sometimes, we desire to eat cheese and ice cream. Ladies the curves of your body have never looked better and living is all about having fun therefore there's nothing wrong with some shape on the body. The trick is to make your body appear more attractive and ensure that your curves are sleek and curvaceous beneath your clothes. Shapewear comes in the form of full body stockings Tummy tucking shorts, and cropped-off leotards which can be worn to create slimmer figures to suit any body type. This is why they can also be a great alternative to bras with seamless seams and panties for getting rid of those annoying wires as well as seamlines.


Stick-On Bra

Backless dresses are very trendy. Bra straps that are messy aren't. To help solve this problem we were gifted with bras that stick on. They function exactly what it says it is a bra that sticks to the breasts in order to give support and enhance the cleavage. Most often, they are made of silicone but also available in lighter options Most stick-on bras are easily reusable, durable and comfortable to put on.

Types of Lingerie Tips

  • When selecting your lingerie it is crucial to determine whether you'd like to highlight your body's natural contour or even balance your proportions. Then, you'll be able to pick the ideal lingerie style to achieve this.
  • Enhance an hourglass silhouette with the use of a Corset or garter belt, or the teddy.
  • Triangle-shaped women are able to attract attention to their broad hips by wearing a teddy the matching set, or v-cut panties or balance their figure by wearing corset, a push-up bra or babydoll.
  • Women with a rectangle shape can create waistline definition by wearing corsets, camisoles and bustiers or highlight their bust by adding lacy details, ruffles or the push-up bra.
  • Women who have an inverted triangle and want to buy lingerie go straight to the kimonos and teddies.
  • The curvaceous apple-shaped ladies can accentuate their physiques by wearing stunning dress-up clothes, babydolls and matching sets that are sexy.


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